"A Common Man's Devotional is a simple yet profound book. When I first started reading it, I was thinking, it would be a lot like many of the "wonderful Christian books that are out there. Well I was wrong... What I love about your book is the 30 day guide part that gives you bite-size pearls of inspiration and wisdom, on a daily basis. With most of our hectic lives, people will not read an entire book, but they will certainly read small pieces at a time. Your book will bring many non believers to God's Kingdom and it will inspire and guide those believers, who can always use encouragement and instruction, on a regular basis to keep the main thing the main thing...bringing people to know Jesus Christ. Congratulations on the amazing success you are already experiencing and thank you for the courage it takes to get the message out there."

Marcy Blochowiak, Author of "No Glass Ceiling, Just Blue Sky"

Duluth, GA

"Jay Maymi, in A Common Man's Devotional, really encourages and motivates believers to seek more of God as well as acting out your faith daily. The devotions help to keep believers focused each day on what is important and they serve to bring the person's mind and heart back to God no matter how busy our day may be. I enjoyed the rich simplicity of the devotions and I know that this book will bring hope and encouragement to the person in need. It is indeed a work of God."

Esther Diaz

Clifton, NJ

"Jesus (Jay) Maymi's groundbreaking work has truly enriched my life: Jay has captured the essence of today's man's trials and tribulations. His work has allowed me to address the battle between living a good Christian life and being successful in business. You truly can follow Jesus Christ and through Jay's insights be motivated to follow the "Living Word." I appreciate Jay both as a Christian, successful businessman and a true friend. I recommend this book to any individual who has ever struggled to find their way in this world of ours!"

Dennis Mallen

Orlando, FL

"Mr. Maymi's book allows even the busiest person to set aside some time for daily "spiritual food and nurturing." His messages are readable, yet concise and clearly based on God's Word. I enthusiastically encourage this book to all, especially to those that wonder if they are perhaps "too common" to be worthy of God's love..."

Dr. Maria Larino, Child Psychologist

Ridgefield, CT

"This has truly been not only an inspirational guide, but one filled with structure to have a very solid and intimate relationship with God. Jesus Maymi does a phenomenal job laying the foundation and then giving the reader the tools and motivation to build their lives around it. It makes the struggle of spiritual discipline a conquerable giant and provides strength along the way. Great source for any man wanting a structured relationship with God."

R. Paparatti, Pastor

Westchester County, NY

"If you need inspiration, hope, or a good start for your day you need this book. It will provide practical ways to reach out to GOD. I was truly moved to rely on the truth and promises of GOD. I was motivated to take action in my personal and business life as a result of reading Jay Maymi's "Common Man's Devotional. One thing I struggle with is finishing books that I read. I did not have a problem finishing " A Common man's Devotional", it was a blessing that came at the right time. When I started reading it, I wanted to finish reading the whole book in one sitting. Jay Maymi knows how to reach the regular guy who is busy but wants to build a relationship with GOD. You can do this in 10 to 15 minutes a day for 30 days. I'm sure you will develop the positive habit of taking time out for God after that. You will enjoy Jay's warm sense of humor and his candid accounts about challenges in his life. I was able to relate to his personal stories and found the devotional as a good guide to help me grow in my walk with GOD. I highly recommend this devotional to every common man. GOD bless you Jay for writing this book."

Wes Guzman

Raleigh, NC

"As a Christian woman, I can truly say that I was inspired by the words and bible passages in this book. It is easy to see that both the author and the book have been blessed by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. This book is a perfect companion to reading the Bible, especially for a beginner who is starting to study The Word. Enjoy this book and be blessed."

Marilyn Johnson

New Rochelle, NY

"This book is a perfect down to earth devotional. Not complicated, but each day's message really makes you stop and think. Every thought and idea is backed up by scripture. A great addition to anyone's daily walk."

Richard Hoffman, Former Primary Candidate, United States Congress

Bronxville, NY

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