​​Ed Mylett, Agency Chairman for World Financial Group, Inc.

Duluth, GA

"This is one of the best business and/or faith books I have ever read! I've read well over 1,000 books most of them on faith, business, psychology, and leadership and only 'Think and Grow Rich' or the 'Power of Positive Thinking' would I put your book in a class with. The way you weave the Scriptures and the flat out truth of your teaching is truly incredible. My most heartfelt congratulations! You have an anointing and God is flowing and working through you in way that truly inspires me. The book is a 12 out of 10!".

Susan Fox, Author of the Christian blog, www.ChristsFaithfulWitness.com

Denver, CO

"How I wish that every entrepreneur would prayerfully read “The Entrepreneur’s Devotional: 25 Biblical Principles for Business Success.” If we follow the entrepreneur’s devotional, I think we would be successful in our business efforts, but we would also deepen our relationship with God, and reflect His Image to the world.  That would be a great blessing.  I recommend this little book."

Ken Rabinowitz, Pastor/Speaker/Entrepreneur

Bronx, NY

“When I was reading your book, ‘The Entrepreneur's Devotional’, two words leapt out. These words were "encouragement," and "mentorship." These two words are very meaningful to me. You see Jay understands the power of positive business relationships, rooted in a personal relationship with our Messiah Yeshua. Jay Maymi's focus on putting Yeshua at the center of your business plans is essential to success. This same focus applies to not only business, but every facet of our lives. Jay wants the entrepreneur to understand that the desire to be in business for yourself and family has been place in us by God Himself. This is no accident. There was a prayer that Jay shared in the beginning of his book which helped me to stay focused. ‘Father, thank you that you have deposited in me the spirit of entrepreneurial pursuit and achievement. I pray that you continue to water my desires and anoint my efforts even during times of doubt, discouragement, and distractions. May the end result be a reflection of your guidance in my life.’ I would encourage every person desiring to be successful, to read this book over and over, until it becomes a part of you.”

Roberto Lupi, President of Residential Home Funding

White Plains, NY

​​“Jesus Maymi (or Jay Maymi, as I have known him by for years) has written a book that, as an entrepreneur and business owner, I found inspiring and very enjoyable.”

Orlando Cavallo, Esq., Partner at Cavallo & Cavallo

New York

This devotional was very well done. Incorporating his personal experiences into each section thereby helping the reader relate to it better is what makes it a wonderful devotional."

Russ Hodgins

New Jersey

“The Entrepreneur’s Devotional will inspire and challenge every professional in the marketplace. The principles presented are practical and refreshing. As you read each devotional, you get a sense that Jay has been writing this book most of his career. It's as if Jay is inviting you behind the scenes of his own personal journey to build a life and career that honors God.”

Frank Hines, Founder, Family Legacy Builders


“…Strikes a balance between spirituality, entrepreneurship, and professional spiritual help aides. Captures the heart of God in business. Simple practical lessons that can be used by the young or seasoned entrepreneur addressing the spiritual needs of both. This short but powerful book is a must have for any spiritually minded entrepreneur.”

Thomas E. Zordani, President, Faith Finances


“Jay Maymi has written a devotional that will prove of value to any entrepreneur. It is full of great insight and commentary, giving a person of faith godly direction in what is sadly, and most often, a secular dominated marketplace.”

Rev. Stanley Siwek, Pastor


“You have raised the bar in challenging everyone in the arena of being an entrepreneur. You have hit on every subject of concern and have done it with a rich anointing of the Holy Spirit. I indeed compliment you for your obedience to the Lord in accomplishing this amazing project.”

Robert Guerrerio, President, RSG Caulking

Mammaroneck, NY

"The Entrepreneur's Devotional is a very thorough and very well thought out book. The author did a great job in bringing this back to the principles in God’s word. This was by no means a flip flop project because the author kept it firm to The Lord. It is a terrific work and will be a hit".

Joe Sassano, Owner, Sassano & Associates, Inc.

Elmsford, NY

“The work of the Holy Spirit is evident in and through what you have assembled in this book....I praise God for him working in you that you would be obedient to put out such an anointed and poignant writing which is both timely for the Christian and the businessman alike! Glory to God!”

Jose L. Centeno, Field Director of Prison Fellowship Ministry

New York

“In 1 Samuel 27, David went to live with the Philistines for over a year; a period of time that would find him realizing at the end that seeking refuge with the enemies of God in order to "protect" himself would lead to consequences. In the Entrepreneur's Devotional author Jesus Maymi has presented a "devotional guide" for individuals seeking to define and dedicate themselves to Biblical success. In our culture that is inundated with desires and visions for and of success, this is a refreshing and much needed review of 25 Biblical Principles for Biblical Success. These of course are not exhaustive but rather a well thought out guide to help believing entrepreneurs in their quest to honor God in all their endeavors. It is laid out in an easy to read style that allows for a short exposition followed by solid Biblical references, a prayer and reflection material. It is not exhaustive but provides for the reader to find Biblical guidance, support and challenge to rethink success in light of the Word of God. Challenged to avoid David's mistake of seeking refuge in the "world's" system/values as opposed to seeking the "ephod" or prayer closet and finding Biblical direction.”

Dan Skognes, Owner, Skognes Group Insurance and Investment


“Jay has done a wonderful job of tying together concepts for business with Scripture. I appreciate his heart for God and for serving his fellow man. Anyone who has an entrepreneurial flair will appreciate the common sense approach and wisdom he imparts. Great truths all have this in common: They stand the test of time. When you back what you say with the Word of God (in context), you can't go wrong.”

Chris Philippi, Co-Author of Create the Business Breakthrough You Want

New Jersey

"What is your personal definition of success? This is the first question author Jay Maymi asks of his readers in the Introduction. The Entrepreneur's Devotional ties Biblical scripture to life lessons all entrepreneurs should know and live by to achieve success and avoid failure. You will be blessed in knowing how God can bless your enterprise and all He has in store for you... if you let Him."

Gail Davis, Breakthrough Life Coach and Businessowner

Ossining, NY

“As a Breakthrough Life Coach, I have to applaud Jay for seeing the connection between our role and responsibility as followers of Jesus Christ and the way we conduct and promote our businesses. Too often entrepreneurs try to achieve success on their own terms and with their own strength. As one looks to the Master Creator it becomes clearly evident that it is He who gives us wisdom, clarity, direction and “true” success. Self-help books will tell you to look within, whereas Mr. Maymi will rightly tell you to look to God and ask HIM for His plans and His power. Thank you Jay for having the courage to speak the Truth in Love and not be afraid of the Gospel.”

MJ Durkin, Author of “Double Your Contacts” and the creator of Recommendation Selling™


​​“The Entrepreneur’s Devotional is a unique read. The author, Jay Maymi, weaves biblical principles into critical areas of business ownership. All professional salespeople, relationship-marketers and business owners will benefit from reading this inspired book. I highly recommend it!”

Dave Martin, Owner, Fly Me to the Moon Florist

Yonkers, NY

​​“Jay has covered all the bases here with his nuts and bolts devotional. Anyone in business will be no stranger to what’s on Jay’s mind. His keen biblical insights and anecdotes gleaned from years of riding on the entrepreneurial roller coaster shine a bright light for all those traveling along the narrow road and who just so happen to be in business.”

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